BBC News

April 13, 2008

I’m not sure what it is about the BBC News  website redesign but it makes me feel uncomfortable? Is there too much space around things?  Is this a mad thing to say? It definitely works and It must be the most accessible news site on the planet? I really don’t know but somehow the design doesn’t feel right?


Stephen Wiltshire

November 9, 2007


I discovered this artist in London and since then have been fascinated ever since. Although Autistic he has been drawing since a tender age and some of his work is even drawn from memory, a brilliant artist with a very interesting story. Take a look at his website.


Plan A

October 10, 2007

plan a

Currently, there seems to be a shift in the way major companies are tackling communication between themselves and their stakeholders. This seems no more apparent than in the innovative Plan A campaign from Marks & Spencer.

There was a time when sustainability reports were the ‘be all and end all’ of communication to company stakeholders, a slick tool used to rally support of new issues on responsibility and their effects on the business. But it seems that CR reporting is coming of age. Either CR Managers are now trying to reinvent themselves, or someone has noticed that, in delivering such dry corporate communication, they miss out the most important stakeholder of them all, the customer. M&S, with their Plan A campaign, seem to have got things just right and, like many of the large companies, are now developing a campaigning approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability. Although to some it might seem like a £200 million punt to drive new business, to me it is a brilliant campaign, ‘nicely realistic’ in its approach, combining an openness to customers which sets out the company’s stall when it comes to CR issues moving forward, whilst also delivering the facts and figures needed from a stakeholder perspective in order to make solid business decisions.

I just hope, after all that hype, M&S don’t have to suddenly design a ‘Plan B’.


This is TED…

October 5, 2007


Go on, introduce yourself to TED. For anyone interested in ideas or different perspectives on the world, or for anyone who ever has to deliver a presentation, this is an inspiring site. Have a look at ‘The art of creating creatures’ by Theo Jansen for a quirky and amazing start.


User Interface Design

September 7, 2007

News Map

A current project that we have been working on has got me thinking about how we use navigation on web sites, and how even though the Internet is actually quite a new medium, were are already starting to limit our options to integrate information. We strive to make our sites functional and prize clarity as our ultimate aim. However, by bending the rules, just ever-so slightly, we can sometimes achieve results which are far more powerful.

For example, this site has been around for a while but I still find it a very inspiring piece of interface design. We are now used to the idea of aggregation within websites, where lots of information from around the web is pulled together to make a hyper-relevant, hyper-digestible information source. However, what happens here is that that aggregation becomes the driver for the navigation. By using the popularity of a particular news item across the internet as a gauge, it draws out an information hierarchy for the user in a very visual way.

It’s a great example of the ‘at-a-glance’ information that the Web does so well.


Employee engagement

May 13, 2007

We work on a diverse range of corporate communication projects including a number of employee engagement campaigns. It’s always interesting to see what other people are up to and I came across BP’s employee awards scheme, the Helios Awards. This is a global programme all tied in to the company’s brand values – pretty impressive. You can find out more here. John


What a difference a day makes!

May 11, 2007

Here’s the branding on the Labour Party website on the day Tony Blair announced he will resign as Prime Minister on the 27 June.


Here is the branding one day later….


Old Labour. Old Britain. Things can only get better?