Typographic things you never knew….

January 10, 2008


I thought I knew everything until today when I discovered to my horror that the bit of space that holds the counter in a stencil alphabet didn’t have a name. Well you can rest on your typescale (what’s one of them I here some of you say?) that someone has solved the dilemma and given it the grand name of a ‘pylon’. You can find out more and discuss in detail here.



October 19, 2007


If you are familiar with the streets of Shoreditch you will no doubt have seen the work Eine.

Eine is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists having started his career
over twenty five years ago as a common vandal he has toned and developed his unique
style into something which has been described as “the Fiona Rae of graffiti and spray

Eine specialises in producing huge letters on shop fronts across London. A “Writer”
who has close associations with Banksy, it has recently been said that “Eine is doing for
letters of the alphabet what Banksy did for rats and smiley Policeman”.

Eine is a renowned London based “Writer” who specialises in the central element of all
graffiti, the letter. From single letters to complex and wry combinations, Eine’s alphabet
can be found throughout London. Huge individual letters on shop shutters, in a style he
has made his own. Originality, a distinctive style and a clear profile that sets his or her
letters apart from all others is a key goal for any “Writer”. Eine’s letters transgress the
usual stylised image devised to depict form and emotion, and through a combination of
colour, placement and size, become fully formed and unique personalities in their own


Political typography

July 4, 2007


With all the attention on the change of Prime Minister the door of No10 Downing Street is getting a great deal of exposure. This set me thinking about the numerals on the door and why the ‘0’ is at an angle? It’s unique but I really like it. Apparently there are two identical doors that are made of enamelled steel and each one is interchanged when the other needs maintenance. John