sus sus sustainability

March 7, 2008

We do a lot of work in sustainbility reporting and I discovered this really good piece by designer Ben Terrett about the role of designers and sustainability. You can read the whole thing here . There is also something interesting  going at McDonalds sustainability blog here.


Plan A

October 10, 2007

plan a

Currently, there seems to be a shift in the way major companies are tackling communication between themselves and their stakeholders. This seems no more apparent than in the innovative Plan A campaign from Marks & Spencer.

There was a time when sustainability reports were the ‘be all and end all’ of communication to company stakeholders, a slick tool used to rally support of new issues on responsibility and their effects on the business. But it seems that CR reporting is coming of age. Either CR Managers are now trying to reinvent themselves, or someone has noticed that, in delivering such dry corporate communication, they miss out the most important stakeholder of them all, the customer. M&S, with their Plan A campaign, seem to have got things just right and, like many of the large companies, are now developing a campaigning approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability. Although to some it might seem like a £200 million punt to drive new business, to me it is a brilliant campaign, ‘nicely realistic’ in its approach, combining an openness to customers which sets out the company’s stall when it comes to CR issues moving forward, whilst also delivering the facts and figures needed from a stakeholder perspective in order to make solid business decisions.

I just hope, after all that hype, M&S don’t have to suddenly design a ‘Plan B’.



May 25, 2007

I’ve been in Dublin for the last couple of days monitoring the installation of our wayfinding scheme at Beacon South Quarter. At the heart of the site there’s a really remarkable building called Imaginosity emerging from the surrounding dust and scaffolding. It’s called Imaginosity! Children’s Creative Space. The interior and interactive displays are being designed by Jack Rouse Associates from Cincinnati who are working on innovative projects around the world from Dubai to China. We’ve designed a sculptural feature sign to be sited within a water feature at the building’s entrance.



Employee engagement

May 13, 2007

We work on a diverse range of corporate communication projects including a number of employee engagement campaigns. It’s always interesting to see what other people are up to and I came across BP’s employee awards scheme, the Helios Awards. This is a global programme all tied in to the company’s brand values – pretty impressive. You can find out more here. John