Timeless words

October 1, 2007


I picked up a battered old paperback in the local Oxfam store the other day – for £1 – a ‘Pelican Special’ on ‘DESIGN’ by Anthony Bertram, published almost 70 years ago (1938). Fascinating to read about, and see photographic examples of, ‘modern design’! – but with words which stand the test of time…

“Good design is not a matter of wealth, much less of the chic, the latest thing. It is not a matter of novelty for the sake of novelty, but of the production of cities and houses and goods which will best satisfy the needs of people; their need of practical, honest, inexpensive, lasting and beautiful things to use and see in their everyday lives.”



The Tragedy of Mr Punch

May 3, 2007





Some time ago I bought an old book titled ‘The Tragedy of Mr. Punch: A Fantastic Play in Prologue and One Act’. The book was published in 1923 and is a play written by Russell Thorndike (actor, novelist and brother of Dame Sybil) and Ronald Arkell (comedy writer). The book is in mint condition and has separate colour illustrations by Arthur Watts. Watts was a well-known illustrator and artist who produced lots of illustrations for Punch Magazine (www.arthurwatts.com). Here are just a few examples from the book. JF