BP, CR, influence and fun

December 14, 2007


It seems now that the worlds larger companies are really starting to make some ground in how they deliver their responsible communications, and no more so than BP. Although this is a company that has been controversial in the way the company effects communities, nevertheless their attitude and delivery towards communicating their negative actions has lead them to the very top of the corporate responsibility communications tree. Like most these days the BP corporate message is mainly being delivered through their slick website. Their CR framework divides into two categories, activities which BP control and activities which BP influence. I love this idea of influence and how business are realising their own potential in trying to influence their stakeholders that change is possible. (Check out BT’s sphere of influence) This really comes through with BP’s quirky and cool carbon calculator. The fact that an energy company who has a mountain of challenges every year in producing and selling energy, sees and takes the opportunity to influence and challenge energy users  to use less is just fantastic. This is responsible business at its best and also pretty good fun, just don’t ask me for my results.