November 20, 2007

Trio Mediaeval

Serving as a sublime antidote to the ‘consumer Christmas binge’ (below) and the onslaught of the ubiquitous ‘Noddy Holder / Roy Wood / Shakin’ Stevens / Paul McCartney / John & Yoko’ medleys in our stores, I am currently listening to Trio Mediaeval’s ‘Folk Songs’ on my favourite label, ECM:

As an aside: interestingly, whilst perusing the shelves of my local 24-hour Tesco at the weekend, I was aware of their ambient in-house Eno-like soundtrack consisting of a single chord which ‘came and went’, overlayed with subtle bird calls. It lasted for the duration of my shopping visit and was quite acceptable – certainly more than those nauseous, repeated airings of the ‘Best Christmas Album Ever’ (which one shop assistant recently told me would “drive her crackers” by Christmas Eve!)

With this excellently-produced collection of Norwegian a cappella vocals and percussion, Trio Mediaeval definitely win my vote for the perfect way to brighten winter’s dark days. And, of course, with ECM, the music is only half the story – the other being the beautifully designed, collectible packaging.


It’s a wrap at St Pancras

November 17, 2007



Meanwhile, back over at the Eurostar terminal, one of my favorite artists, Quentin Blake, has produced an illustration to greet passengers leaving the new St Pancras International station. The 16m high building wrap will cover the Victorian Grade II listed Stanley Building during its refurbishment. People can enjoy the largest-scale Quentin Blakes ever produced. All images © Quentin Blake.


Flavour of the year

November 15, 2007


A new advert by guess who? yes of course Fallon. This ad isn’t as inspiring as some of the more creative Sony ad’s but all the same, a nice feel and some great time lapse photography.


Over the top?

November 13, 2007

Guiness ad

The latest Guinness ad campaign is taking Honda’s ‘domino effect’ to new levels.

Shot in an Argentian hill village the ad features everything from dominos and books, to cars and blazing bales of hay in a spectacular chain of events.

Remarkable? Definitely.

Excessive? Certainly.

Worthwhile? We’ll wait and see.

For the Stato’s out there, the toppling items include: 6,000 dominoes, 10,000 books, 400 tyres, 75 mirrors, 50 fridges, 45 wardrobes and 6 cars

Stephen Wiltshire

November 9, 2007


I discovered this artist in London and since then have been fascinated ever since. Although Autistic he has been drawing since a tender age and some of his work is even drawn from memory, a brilliant artist with a very interesting story. Take a look at his website.